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I'm definitely going stir-crazy. I'm halfway packed, have been for days. I've had it up to there with advice about travel. Yes, jet-lag sucks, there's lots of pickpockets, packing is tricky. Don't fall in the canal, eat lots of vegetables, pack all the right things. Am I there yet?

I probably should've worked till Wednesday or something, just to give myself less time to dick around. Packing, let's face it, does not take that long. I hardly even did any today. Anticipation has a way of spoiling into stress if you leave it in a hot environment full of danger.

Someone was spraying pesticide across the street, and the wind off the lake blew it right into our house. To escape our smelly prison, we went to see the 5:00 Pirates 2 by driving our minivan to the mall, then eating at the food court. On a day that was 75F and gloriously sunny. What a waste of a prime evening. Not that the movie was all bad, in fact it was much better than the negative reviews led me to believe. But still, I'd rather have been at the beach or something. I'm so tired of driving everywhere. And the parking lots! Every store has miles of parking in front of it. What if I wanted to go from one store to another? Well, they're 10 blocks apart, because every store has like 20 parking spots. I'll give the shopping mall one bit of credit, at least all the stores there have one parking lot. Of course it's so big that even if you lived next to the mall, you'd have to drive across the parking lot to get there.

I'm really looking forward to Venice. No cars for miles. I won't have to touch a steering wheel for 3 weeks! Luxury!

Our church got burnt by some punk kids, so I don't know what we'll be doing tomorrow morning. Cramming into the fellowship hall I assume. Kids these days. You know, I'm surprised this isn't more jarring to me. I've known this church my whole life. I used to play with lego in the pews during service, and would always get confused when the pastor would do baptisms and give the benediction halfway through the service. Now they've demolished the foyer to remodel it, and the sanctuary will have to be redone a bit, and it'll never look the same. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'll miss it, but I guess I've moved on. Few people I knew growing up even attend anymore. I'm glad they've got the cash for the remodeling, and I wish them the best, but the things that made it home don't feel welcoming anymore. A part of me will always call it home, but it feels out of season right now.

Someone told me that when I land in Italy, I'm going to go "aaaaaahhhhhhh" and all this stress crap that's been in my system since June will finally release. That better be true, cause if it's not, and I'm stuck with this eye tic for the rest of my life, I might just move to Maui and live on the beach.

Loose is a fantastic album. Go download it. It's much more consistent than its singles would indicate.


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