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I just woke up from an unexpected 3 hour nap. I can't say that I was glad to see my evening go, but apparently my body had different plans. Funny, this usually happens later in the quarter.

However I did get to spend the last hour or so making over my journal. It's so nice doing web design the easy way after editing CSS by hand. Just drop a code into this form and blammo! No drop shadows! Colors in the right places! Looks great in IE!

This week is the last week of doing church study group. Pretty different from how it started 11 weeks ago. It's very surprising to see who made it this far. Certainly not the people I expected.

This quarter I'll be spending the whole 10 weeks working on Shaim, a multi-protocol IM client still in early beta. Hopefully by the end of the year it'll be something I could recommend over say, Trillian or Gaim. Very exciting stuff. It's nice to be moving into a preexisting project after having designed so many simple apps from scratch over and over again.

I'm also taking a cheesy ASP class which covers all the same stuff I did a year ago at work, only in a really terrible language instead of PHP (insert "PHP is a terrible language lol" joke here). Hopefully I can finish the homework for that several weeks in advance and forget about it for the rest of the quarter.

Finally, my first Geology class ever has turned out to be pretty interesting. They definitely teach at a different pace in that department. Geological time, indeed. My teacher is named Bernie, and acts like it. It's a 2-miderms-final class though, so hopefully I'll figure out how to organize his lectures into studyable notes.

I'm still unready to graduate, despite being on track for it. Does everyone encounter this, or is senioritis so terrible that whatever's out there must be better?


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