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You were out late last night, and now you regret it. It's 10am, you need a lot of food, and it better treat you good. Rescue Breakfast to the, er, rescue!

Egg Sandwich Rescue Breakfast consists of:

  • 1 slice bread
  • shredded cheese to cover bread
  • 2 eggs, fried
  • 3/4 cup cottage cheese
  • 2 rashers bacon
  • orange juice
  • 1 banana

The genius of it is the simultaneous cooking of the eggs and the bread. While your 2 eggs are frying, put the cheese on the bread and put it all in the toaster oven (this is also known as cheese toast, and is great on its own). When the eggs and bread are done, put the eggs on the bread, pour ketchup on top, and you're good. If you're not picky about cold bacon, or you want to microwave it, you can do it all with one skillet.

If your particular predicament is a hangover, take a b-complex when you're done with your banana, or try the neutron bomb of hangover cure shakes, courtesy

1. Take 2 aspirins
2. Take 200mg cysteine (available at specialty food stores)
3. Take 600mg vitamin C
4. Take 1 tablet vitamin B-complex
5. Mix the following ingredients together in a blender:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 small can V-8
  • 6 large strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1-2 cups milk (or soy milk), to desired consistency
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • dash of nutmeg

6. Drink it all up.

While I have not tried this concoction myself, my pseudoscientific opinion is that it would indeed work very well, although you would probably have to make spectacular benders a habit to make cysteine a staple in your medicine cabinet.

For when you've got some more time or have a different set of ingredients to use, try the
Eggadilla Rescate Desayuno:

  • 3 eggs, fried
  • 1 tortilla
  • shredded cheese to fill it (monterey jack is best)
  • 3/4 cup drained black beans
  • sour cream
  • salsa or diced tomatoes
  • green taco sauce
  • (optional) diced jalapenos or green peppers

This is a similar approach to the sandwich. While the eggs are frying put the cheese in the tortilla, fold it in half, and put it on a griddle. (If you are adding peppers, put them in with the cheese.) Then put the beans in the microwave for a minute or so. Ideally you want the quesadilla and beans to be hot when the eggs are done. Then put the quesadilla on the plate, spread on the sour cream, and put the eggs on top. Pour green taco sauce on the eggs to taste, then pour the black beans over the whole mess. Add tomatoes/salsa to taste.

What rescues you on those late Sunday mornings?
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Getting to San Diego was more difficult than it should've been. Friday night, I didn't much want to leave, and got it in my head that the hassle of this trip would be a lot more tolerable with a DS in tow. I figured I'd pop over to Fred Meyer Saturday morning and pick one up before we left. Saturday morning comes, I mosey down to the stoe, no DS. Fine, I'll drive up to Best Buy. It'll be cutting it close, but I want a DS. They didn't have one either. Coincidence! I cry. Across the street at Gamestop, they had the boxes, and thus the illiusion of stock, but no DSes. What a waste of everyone's time. By this point I was 20 minutes late and utterly livid. My family had been waiting 10 minutes for me back at the house, and was very confused and annoyed when I finally showed. I hurried them into helping me pack, in no shape to explain what just happened.

After such an enormously bad start, the rest of the rather uneventful trip felt much worse than it should've. When we finally got some decent food in San Diego, things improved.

Today was much better. Church in the morning, a little food shopping at a huge and wonderful Trader Joe's, a little beach, sleep and sunshine do the body good.

Tomorrow is Disneyland, then Sea World, then Pacific Palisades, then Ensenada. Tonight, food and sleep and books. Amen.
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Is it Tuesday? Something like that.

In the weeks before I left, I grew increasingly resentful of the suburban surroundings I lived in. The car-centric layout, the total absence of public space, the ignorance of environment. Now it's just sort of there. Going to some sensibly-planned cities for a while helped me remember that there are some places that still do it right.

I feel the urge to create, since I have time and space, but I've said quite a lot lately as anyone reading this knows.

75F is about 10F too cool for my taste right now, and I've been seeing 7 a.m. clearly for the first time in years. The "eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired" has meant a drawn-out adjustment, especially when interacting with people who haven't been on GMT+1 lately.

Hyperboy wants me back to work on their now-rebranded treemo. Josh says the sweet house on Phinney Ridge is still available. I hope these two things work out for the best, as I'd like to have a bunch of money by Christmas because the processor market is about to go - in technical terms - apeshit. AMD bought ATI when I wasn't looking, and Intel has the fastest chip on the market and it's reasonably priced. It's going to be a crazy season and I believe it'll be time to celebrate the savior's birth with new hardware and a sweet place to put it. Oh, and goodwill to your fellow man and all that jazz.

Speaking of new hardware, I just bought 4 USB joysticks, so I'll be throwing a Descent party in the near future.

I thought I missed cooking, but I guess I only missed being able to eat without waiting for food to cook, or pay $15 every time I got hungry, which is frequently. I also didn't miss watching movies, though I watched Beautiful Girls this morning mostly to pass the time and it was still good. I like how it weaves so many different flavors of interaction with the types of girls we love into a coherent story. I know these characters were created around types of relationships they were supposed to have, rather than as real people, but I still like them. Plus it's funny to see the younger version of Natalie Portman's character in Garden State, and she still has all the best lines.
I got a Starbucks card for a graduation present, and haven't the foggiest idea how I'll use it. It'll probably sit on my desk for years, like that tower records gift card from 2001.

It's hard to eat 2500 calories a day when you have to make it all yourself.
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Hostess Outlet products that are good while frozen:

  • Lemon Zingers
  • Ding-Dongs
  • Fruit Pies

Mediocre while frozen:

  • Suzy-Q's

Inedible while frozen:

  • Moon Pies (though they thaw nicely)
  • Sno-Balls (unverified)

This list will be edited as further information is gathered.


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