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Total spent on non-food purchases: $129.81
Total saved via BF sales: $68
Percentage: 48%

Ross pillows by niralisse on TreemoMost of that percentage came from the $30 2GB SD cards at Best Buy. Heck of a deal, there. Best Buy was plenty busy but not quite insane. They had all their BF deals helpfully yellow-tagged on the rack. Ross was ridiculous. You know how that store is usually a mess? It was impossible to navigate some aisles, as merchandise had spilled entirely off the shelves and onto the floor. However, I did find a very nice skillet for $20, so I can't complain.

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The best was Home Depot, which had all their BF deals helpfully lined up in the front of the store. This meant that people actually looking for something (like myself) could get around the aisles easily, and people doing the camp-and-grab could get in and out quickly. Got $13 worth of Christmas lights (120'!) for the house, along with bungees for my hard drives. The rubber tubing I was using before had worn out. What?
Home Depot Black Friday by niralisse on Treemo

There's a reason you watch the Charlie Brown Christmas show, and not A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It's not because the thanksgiving one is criminally overlooked. It's because the thanksgiving one sucks. :( Though it was very strange to see Peppermint Patty given voice and motion.

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In case I haven't already insisted that you play it, my Wii could use some more use this weekend (hyuk hyuk).

Josh is on his way to, or perhaps already arrived in, California, leaving the house rather empty on this long weekend. Living alone means never having to close the door.

I keep thinking that sometime in mid-December, I'll get a huge break, a week off to do whatever I want. I have to remind myself that this is it. It's pretty depressing. Speaking of depressing, I found out that as a contractor I have to file taxes quarterly. What the deuce. So there goes Christmas, as I'll have to pony up thousands in taxes by December 15th. I'm kind of living in dread until I can talk to a CPA I've been referred to and find out just how deep I'm in. One bright spot is that I can deduct all kinds of interesting things because I'm technically self-employed. We'll see how much that helps.

Tomorrow: Christmas lights, cookies. That's as far as I've thought it through.


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