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Aug. 31st, 2008 12:27 am
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I don't know if I'm older and less excitable or what, but this year's Bumbershoot was awesomely chill. Minimal lines, reasonable security and crowd control, and stuff was pretty cheap. The new environmentally conscious stuff is super practical and nice. Like they have water refilling stations placed all over, including inside the mainstage. They don't sell anything in plastic bottles, only cups. Outside the mainstage they have a big pile of cups you can take in to hold your water. The mainstage passes are easily transferable. They put a big barrier in front of the sound booth in the mainstage to control crowd crush, and it worked like a charm. They put a beer garden in the middle of the fountain lawn to break up the tokefest it usually is.

Smart changes all around. The lineup had much fewer big bands but it just meant fewer hard decisions about what to see, and no running from show to show.

The pleasant surprise of the day was that after hiking all the way around the Center at noon to get to the ticket purchase window (where there was no line!) I ran right into Deb, who wanted to see most of the same stuff I did. So I went there expecting a chill day by myself, and found a show buddy. It started the day off right and I think it stayed in that gear.

Surprisingly good show of the day: Lucinda Williams, though she sounded pretty drunk. Contrast with Neko Case, who sounded pretty sober (wich is apparently rare).
Surprisingly mediocre show of the day: Band of Horses. I don't get why these guys got a 90-minute set. I was checking my watch after 15. They have a couple good singles, and their cover of "Am I a Good Man?" is wonderful, but man they need some experimentalism or better songwriters.
Surprise food deal: The Subway in the Center House was still selling $5 footlongs. Food deal of the festival by a mile. Unsurprisingly, they were mobbed around dinnertime.
Surprise food taste: The huge $8 burritos in the mainstage. Dang that was good. Wouldn't have guessed. They had like 20 people crammed in that stand making them.
Surprise unwanted guest: Hippies. Only saw like 5 or 6 the whole day. Maybe they got burned out at Folklife, or couldn't afford the $40 door tickets.
Unsurprisingly good show: Beck. He opened with "Loser". I mean really. I need to dig out my copy of Odelay.
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It took a dream about wilderness to remind me that I'm in the middle of one. This song by Diana Krall about the death of her mother awakened me to the feeling of homesickness, a new experience for me. This stretch of wildness is different, as I will have nowhere to go when I leave it. I step into the road, and know not where it ends.

Diana Krall - "Departure Bay"

The fading scent of summertime
Arbutus trees and firs
The glistening of rain-soaked moss
Going to the Dairy Queen at dusk
Down narrow roads
In autumn light

The salt air and the sawmills
And the bars are full of songs and tears
To the passing of the tugboats
And people with their big ideas

I just get home and then I leave again
It's long ago and far away
Now we're skimming stones and exchanging rings
And scattering and sailing from Departure Bay

The house was bare of Christmas lights
It came down hard that year
Outside in our overcoats
Drinking down to the bitter end
Trying to make things right
Like my mother did

Last year we were laughing
We sang in church so beautifully
Now her perfume's on the bathroom counter
And I'm sitting in the back pew crying

I just get home and then I leave again
It's long ago and far away
Now we're skimming stones and exchanging rings
And scattering and sailing from Departure Bay

A song plays on the gramophone
And thoughts turn back to life
We took the long way to get back
Like driving over the Malahat
Now a seaplane drones and time has flown

I won't miss all the glamour
While my heart is beating and the lilacs bloom
But who knew when I started
That I'd find a love and bring him home

Just get me there and then we will stay
A long time off and far away
Now we're skimming stones and exchanging rings
We're scattering and diving in Departure Bay



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