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R&B on my new BFS sounds amazing, almost hilariously good. Modern mastering techniques ensure that hip-hop bass kicks on even cheap car speakers, so when you combine Missy Elliott and a Serious Bass Device, you get reminded that there are frequencies of music that ears have nothing to do with. I'm glad I have cool housemates.

I remember thinking something along the lines that after we put the site out for public use, the speed of development would slow to ensure a high-quality product. I was not the only one who thought this, and we were all of us wrong. The money clock dictates that the features must be released, the feature checkboxes must be filled, whatever it takes. Next year, I tell myself, then it'll be calm. It's probably a lie, but it helps me sleep at night.

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Every developer dreams of working a job where the engineering and management practices are sane. Yet, for some reason this job doesn't exist. Its employees will tell you that Google is a happy, magical place where Quality Is King. Microsoft employees will tell you it's pretty good where they're at, despite the rest of the company's departments. Amazon employees will be jealous if you have a real desk.
So while the bureaucracy at HITS was impenetrable, the engineering was solid, and we worked hard to ensure we met business needs in a maintainable, understandable fashion. At a startup, or at least at this startup, market timing trumps nearly every other factor. It's quite frightening to throw everything I learned about software quality out the window so we can meet carrier testing requirements on time. I've taken to reading my software engineering textbook at night just to remind myself that I'm not insane, the mobile industry is.

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Aphorisms for today:

  • Money can't buy happiness, but it can sure keep you entertained.
  • A beer in the afternoon is delightful at work, but don't drink it because you're hungry, or you can expect to stumble home with a stupid grin on your face.
  • Software development is primarily a human endeavor. Ensure you choose the right humans to do it.
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Is it Tuesday? Something like that.

In the weeks before I left, I grew increasingly resentful of the suburban surroundings I lived in. The car-centric layout, the total absence of public space, the ignorance of environment. Now it's just sort of there. Going to some sensibly-planned cities for a while helped me remember that there are some places that still do it right.

I feel the urge to create, since I have time and space, but I've said quite a lot lately as anyone reading this knows.

75F is about 10F too cool for my taste right now, and I've been seeing 7 a.m. clearly for the first time in years. The "eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired" has meant a drawn-out adjustment, especially when interacting with people who haven't been on GMT+1 lately.

Hyperboy wants me back to work on their now-rebranded treemo. Josh says the sweet house on Phinney Ridge is still available. I hope these two things work out for the best, as I'd like to have a bunch of money by Christmas because the processor market is about to go - in technical terms - apeshit. AMD bought ATI when I wasn't looking, and Intel has the fastest chip on the market and it's reasonably priced. It's going to be a crazy season and I believe it'll be time to celebrate the savior's birth with new hardware and a sweet place to put it. Oh, and goodwill to your fellow man and all that jazz.

Speaking of new hardware, I just bought 4 USB joysticks, so I'll be throwing a Descent party in the near future.

I thought I missed cooking, but I guess I only missed being able to eat without waiting for food to cook, or pay $15 every time I got hungry, which is frequently. I also didn't miss watching movies, though I watched Beautiful Girls this morning mostly to pass the time and it was still good. I like how it weaves so many different flavors of interaction with the types of girls we love into a coherent story. I know these characters were created around types of relationships they were supposed to have, rather than as real people, but I still like them. Plus it's funny to see the younger version of Natalie Portman's character in Garden State, and she still has all the best lines.
I got a Starbucks card for a graduation present, and haven't the foggiest idea how I'll use it. It'll probably sit on my desk for years, like that tower records gift card from 2001.

It's hard to eat 2500 calories a day when you have to make it all yourself.


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