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snow day 3 by niralisse on TreemoWell it's been a big mess here since Sunday night. A few days, a few inches of snow, a few falling degrees, and Seattle is paralyzed. North of Snohomish County, it's more than a few of everything. As any decent weather almanac will tell you, record lows have been hit.

I love watching a western city completely shut down in the face of snow, it happens for a few days every year and we all get to stay home and drink hot cocoa. I spent this year's snow walking around the neighborhood with a tripod, and have been enjoying it immensely. I've probably gotten myself sick again but meh.

roof span by niralisse on TreemoIn my facepalm moment of the week, I discovered a set of four beautiful solid beech chairs at Goodwill for $5 each. Hey, I thought to myself, I could use a couple dining room chairs. So I picked out the best two and happily walked out with my purchase, noticing that the other two were being claimed as I left. Cool, we're both leaving happy.... wait a second... why the hell didn't I buy the whole set? AAAUGH, dumbass, think! The whole set would've been like $20! They would've lasted a generation! GRRRRRR. I was happy with my purchase for about 10 seconds until I realized I was breaking up a perfectly good complete set that was mine for the taking.

I couldn't even sit in them to eat dinner I was so disgusted. Never shop when you're too hungry to think straight. Now, it's not like I wasted my money, I did get two beautiful chairs for $10. But I'll probably never be able to buy another two to match. *sigh*.

lit descent by niralisse on TreemoSadly, as I was out tonight enjoying the newly falling snow, it slowly turned wet, and rainy, and by the time I got home, was melting away. It will likely be gone in the morning, only a memory of silence and light. The city will be 45F and sipping coffee, and I'll resume being bored out of my skull. Let's not forget the importance of being surprised when you look out the window in the morning.
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Days with rain in November: 15
Days so far in November: 19
Maximum rain in one day: 2.13 inches, November 6th.

Bellingham nearly got blown flat on Wednesday. Flood warnings have been in place on the peninsula all month.

I have spent the month rather uninspired, and frequently tired, sick, stressed, or all three at once. I've had to deal with guests flying in and out twice, neither under excellent circumstances. I haven't exercised for a week, but still feel tired all the time, like I've been doing linear algebra for 3 hours without a calculator. My head is foggy, my sinuses are clogged, and there's nothing to read.

I'm ready for my 4-day weekend, but I'd like to spend it sleeping.


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